8.12.2017 - 15.4.2018

New Acquisitions

from the Collections of Prague City Gallery

After a long break, Prague City Gallery presents new works it has acquired over the last five years. At first, thanks to some savings from our regular operation, we bought several works that were part of the long-term exhibition at the After the Velvet Revolution Golden Ring House. The concept of that exhibition consisted of a number of works on loan from artists who were promised that their works would be purchased over the course of time. Unfortunately, for many years this had not been possible due to a lack of funds. In 2013, when we managed to stabilize our budget so that we were able to make at least a few important purchases from this body of works, we decided to proceed in this way in the years to come. However, it appeared that it would be a rather tedious and lengthy process which would depend entirely on our economic results.